Summer Ellis and I are setting the table for you on April 15th. Join us?

a gathered table

Yup, you read that right. I’m so thrilled to announce that my co-hostess for April’s a Gathered Table dinner party is none other than Summer Ellis, Jewelry Designer, Creative Entrepreneur, and new mama of two precious girls.

I’m so thrilled that Summer shares my vision for a Gathered Table. Though we’ve only recently started becoming friends, I’ve been a “fan girl” for a while. Summer’s jewelry is simultaneously classic, whimsical, feminine, delicate, and jaw-droppingly-gorgeous. She and her husband Peter also have such love and vision for Waco, which you know from spending even the tiniest bit of time with them.

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I really enjoyed meeting some of the faces behind those who are taking great initiatives in Waco and was encouraged by the common vision we have for this city to reach its full potential and people’s lives to be impacted in a positive way! It was a very fun evening and I look forward to attending A Gathered Table again!

- Summer Ellis, Jewelry Designer & Creative Professional

Summer Ellis Jewelry & Anthem Studios


a Gathered Table is a monthly dinner party that invites the women of Waco to come and connect over a shared meal and conversation.

What we’ve got planned for this month is really exciting. I think it will be the best of our monthly dinner parties yet. April’s dinner party will remain on the 3rd Tuesday, April 15, 2014 from 6:30-8:30pm.

There will also be an exclusive cocktail reception & tour of Anthem Studios before-hand from 5:30-6:30pm. We’ll have a few sips & treats waiting, plus you’ll be able to shop (see below for the discount!).

The event will be on the 4th floor of The Praetorian building in Anthem Studios, which Summer and her husband Peter own. We recommend parking in the lot on Franklin & entering the door on 6th Street. We’ll have a sign out on the door for you!


Every registered guest will be able to shop Summer Ellis bijouterie  at 15% off of jewelry for the whole event (not including custom items) and will be entered into a raffle including the following gifts:

For more general details about a Gathered Table, please see

See below to register & hear what others have to say about it!

I love that A Gathered Table offers a warm and inviting atmosphere! My first AGT didn’t feel like another networking dinner, but a place where women wanted to enjoy each other. 

- Deidra Savage, Wedding & Event Coordinator

Blush & Bashful Weddings and Events


I attended The Gathered Table for the first time in March. I loved the depth of connections made during this more intimate style of networking and sharing. I made several very useful connections resulting in resources for the people I serve in my business. I also met some people whom I believe can grow to call friends rather than just acquaintances. Everyone without exception was so interesting and enjoyable to get to know. I walked away from the evening with a fantastic feel good energy. Jenn has been so thoughtful about how she has created this monthly event and called together people who are like-minded have deeply soulful spirits, passions, interests, values and more. I cannot wait for the next event.

Salley Schmid, MS, LMFTA

Owner, Enrichment Training and Counseling Solutions, Inc.


A Gathered Table is such a neat experience. As an introvert, the idea of sharing a meal with a table full of strangers sounded intimidating to me, but as the night progressed I found myself relaxing and enjoying the connections I made with fellow Wacoans. Jennifer has a special gift of connecting others together!

Noelle, Theiring, 2nd Grade Teacher


 I loved meeting young women that were excelling in their talents and giving back to the world. I found that we had connections here in Waco even though there was such an age difference. I loved spending the evening around them. It was invigorating. 

- Cindy Loutherback, CAbi Consultant & Retired Spanish Teacher


*edited Monday, April 14th: So far 15 of the 24 tickets have been sold. We’d still love to have you come if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet or if you have, thought you might want to invite a friend that’s been on the fence!

a Gathered Table | April 2014


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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an invitation to come and connect

I love going to dinner parties. I love throwing them, too. Perhaps just as much as going. Perhaps even more.

And, I miss planning and designing events for other people that make them feel celebrated and seen. Isn’t that an amazing experience? My favorite part of a party is the inherent invitation it extends to come and connect, just by creating the space for guests to do that.

I’ve been dreaming of playing hostess to an intimate monthly dinner party for women to do just that – come and connect. I love meeting new people and there are always people I’d like to get to know better. This dinner party is for both groups. It’s also for women I know well and have been wanting to introduce to each other, because I think they’d really enjoy each other or have work that compliments each other. In other words, it’s for you. Join me?

I’ve now been an entrepreneur and small business owner since 2010 and in that time I’ve been to quite a few networking events, workshops, retreats, seminars, and conferences. And, I’ve usually been very happy to go and meet new people, connect more deeply with those I’ve met before, hear about the projects and ideas people are working on, offer resources and connections if I can help with a dilemma. But, I have often left feeling hungry for true generosity of presence. I’m certainly not always generous with mine.

attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.

Also, I’m an aesthetic person and I appreciate beauty, thoughtfulness, and hospitality. If there’s going to be food, please make it delicious. Set the table beautifully. If there are going to be tables and chairs, might as well make them comfortable and easy to sit at for the meal, for conversation, and for listening to anyone who might address the group as a whole, however briefly. And, when people come in – welcome them and introduce them to someone they might enjoy.

So, friends. That’s my goal. To create a monthly space for the women in Waco to come and connect, to be generous with their presence, their resources, and their connections. I will set about laying a beautiful table with delicious food and inviting women to gather thoughtfully around it. I invite you to A Gathered Table.

The first one will be next Tuesday, January 21st, from 6:30-8:30pm. It’ll be at The Mix Cafe and Gifts in Hewitt because the food is delicious, the seats are comfortable, and the owner, Betsy, is one of those women I’ve almost known for a long time and been wanting to know better. :)

RSVP here.

I know next Tuesday makes it a week until we meet, but it’s because I don’t put dreams off year by year. Instead, I delay the sending of invitations day by day, delay the venue and menu selections week by week, and delay the date month by month to make it all just so. And, then, slowly it never happens, though always almost happening. It’s exhausting. Maybe you can relate? And, I didn’t want to put off extending this invitation to you any longer, even though the logo’s not done, the social media platforms aren’t waiting with beauty and wisdom and inspiration, and the invitation list on mailchimp doesn’t have all the auto-responders set up yet. All shall be well.

I’ll be hosting A Gathered Table on the third Tuesday of every month in 2014 from 6:30-8:30pm somewhere in the Waco area. Mark your calendars. This is the only one that will sneak up on you. Now neither one of us has an excuse!

If you’re a caterer, a restaurant, a venue, a vineyard, a food truck, or someone who has one of those to recommend, please send me an email at I’d love to share your business with some of the most wonderful women in Waco and enjoy your space by filling it with a thoughtfully laid table and the most lovely ladies.

Get on the invitation list here. Connect with us further at and using #AGatheredTable and @AGatheredTable on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I see this blossoming into something more beautiful than I can even imagine and I’d love you to be a part of it.

Lest you’ve been reading and have forgotten… RSVP here.

I’ll see you next week! Jenn

starting over

advent begins next Sunday and as it nears it quietly reminds that with the dawn of the new year comes the dusk of the last year.

my goal this past year has been to listen closely to joy that i might hear her whispers and follow soft-footed as she leads.

it’s brought me here, to closing Blue Goose Celebrations, the event planning company I’ve started and run the last few years so that I could focus on what I knew joy was leading me back to.

making everyday a bit brighter | emily ley iphone wallpapers

little iphone, i love you. thank you for letting me work from the road. thanks for keeping me from getting lost more often. thanks for reminding me when i need to go meet a sweet client and drink more water. sorry about dropping you in a recycling bin filled with water a few months ago. hope you’re like a cat, nine lives and all.

for those of you like me who appreciate having the world at your fingertips, i’d love to share with you my new favorite wallpapers from emily ley (the woman behind emily ley paper, making things happen, making brands happen, and mama of one chubby-cheeked-cutie).


i chose #6 on my lock screen and #9 on my home screen. you can pick your favorite and download to your heart’s content here.

LOVE, SPEAK, GIVE WITH INTENTION. it’s a good thing to be reminded of every time i look at my phone, no?

which one’s your favorite? have something else you love? do share…